My Ongoing Pamphlet-Sized Autobiography

Updated...well, updated. Leave it at that.

J. Michael
22 April 1978
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I was born and raised to be a member of the Long Island elite. At 18 I realized that I would never be able to accept such a role, and was as such banished to upstate NY to rot on a farm. There I learned to think and create, most often by use of the written word and the musical note. Recently, I escaped, and, after carefully avoiding detection, found myself just outside of Philadelphia. In my mouth was the taste of cheesesteak, and U2's "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" blasting in my head. Here the adventure begins...

...and continues to begin, apparently. Finding nothing in Pennsylvania but a dead-end job and little else, I returned to this ancient American city not just to visit, but to live. Relatively unknown amongst my peers, hopefully in time that will change.