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Maybe I'm just a fangirl, but I'm listening to the Tori Amos holiday album and I'm finding myself thinking wow, there really is no genre of music this woman can't improve, and make her own.

TBS reunion (is it still a reunion if it's only 2 people?) this weekend. Excitement!
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dum kitty

Done, and done.

Well, the stockings are hung by the front door with care (or nails, either one), and the tree is assembled, lit, and decorated. Every year since I bought this fake thing (2003), I've looked at it when it's first put together and not liked it. I tell myself I'm going to get a real one next year. Then, we light it and put all the ornaments on it (some hand-me-downs from my mom, some bought to forge our own Christmas traditions), and I sit back and love it. The holes are filled in, the spaces are capped, and--for the apt we're in and the space we have--it all works.

Merry Early December, everybody!
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Further and further and further

Just putting this out for any that haven't heard, but for those fans of nin's The Downward Spiral, there is a fan-produced dvd available of the performance of the album in its entirety done this past summer at Webster Hall in NYC. In addition to Interactive Menus, the dvd also features a photo gallery of stills from various fans' Flickr pages. It's a nice bit of live show that we won't be able to see when the inevitable "official" release comes out due to the lack of professional footage from that venue's show.

Info and links to the files can be found here.
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south park wbf champ

oh hai pneumonia

It was really nice having all of the windows wide open yesterday. Today? I wish we didn't have to. As it were, the heater in the basement was turned up to "omg SO COLD OUT you guys" when we woke up this morning, so now some rooms are stifling, and some have small, cold breezes wafting through them. Oh well. Such are winters here in the 'Lidge.

We're nearly two weeks back from our trip to NY, and I realized that I've not really told anyone about it. I guess it's been a while since we've seen people. We stayed at Longfellow's in Saratoga, in a room that had a lofted bedroom! And not like a NYC, sleeping-with-your-nose-touching-the-ceiling loft, but a huge loft. We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant the first night (oh my god that was a lot of food), and at Hattie's the second night, which some of you may have seen during their appearance on Throwdown! (ep. 13). Now that was some good fried chicken.

Most of the rest of the time was spent bumming around the town, seeing the park we got engaged in, and picking up alcohol that isn't available in MA. Forgoing a big beer run this time (I only grabbed a 4-pack of Yuengling tallboys and a couple of 22 oz.-ers of Brown's whiskey Porter), we instead took to the liquor stores after reading an article about artisinal distilleries around the Hudson Valley and The Berkshires. Our biggest find was the Golden Harvest Farms distillery out in Valatie, NY (right near the MA border). They make their spirits from the apples right there, and we got a bottle of Core vodka, and a bottle of their apple and pear brandies (brandys?). I added the Single Malt whiskey to my growing collection of Hudson spirits. bunnyroo also got her own box of sweet white wine for the fridge.

And that's really been the most exciting thing going on in the last two weeks. There's a possibility that we'll get down to Brooklyn in November for the Brazen Head's cask fest again, and if so that looks to be a great time. How's everyone else?
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Beer Pic

I'm getting there, I'm getting there!

Whew, was I behind in my writing assignments. But, I think I'm this close to being caught up. Last week's Hell's Kitchen recap is up on Just Eyeball It, with yesterday's episode to be posted soon. Starting Monday I'm lined up with three weeks of postings over at Those Beer Snobs. Something new every Monday for the rest of October! Yay!

This weekend we're off to Saratoga for our anniversary trip. Two years! I know! Although looking at BeerAdvocate's as-it-happens pictures of Oktoberfest makes me want to convince my lovely wife to hop a plane to Germany for our three-year. That's something done for a three-year, right? What say you,

3rd Wedding Anniversary:
Traditional Gifts: Leather
Modern Gifts: Crystal
Celebrating: Ideas and Symbols.

Now if all that doesn't say, "Week in Germany for Oktoberfest," then I don't know what does.
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south park wbf champ


I blame the weather.

I need to write two recaps for last week's 2-hour-long Hell's Kitchen, and I'm trying to muster up the wherewithall to do it, and it's tough.

Weekend was good. I wish I had enough money (or a job) so as to make Eastern Standard my weekly Saturday place to go in, have two or three drinks, and go about my day from there.

Still have two more beer reviews in note-form that need to be built into proper columns and posted.

Hmm, feel like I need to go out on a positive note here. Um, there's clean sheets on the bed. That's always nice. :)
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Beer Pic

Brian Boitano sold me a Slap Chop

...well, sort of. See, Brian Boitano currently hosts the greatest new thing to show up on the Food Network--the tongue-in-cheek What Would Brian Boitano Do Make? In this half-hour spotfest, Brian Boitano finds himself in a jam that only quick, ridiculously-easy-to-make food can get him out of! I was initially cool to the show but I'm warming up with each new episode, and I think I know why--this is the first person Food Network's put on in a long time that treats the all-important "home cook" demographic like they're older than 10 and know what paprika is. A lot of my disdain for the cast of characters they have on the network now comes from how they treat the audience. But that's a bar discussion for another time. One of the first things I noticed about Boitano is that since the show is filmed in his kitchen, we're using his tools. And one of those tools happens to be the Slap Chop. At least, I thought it was the Slap Chop. Closer inspection and the pause button on my DVR (thanks, technology!) led bunnyroo to find that while Boitano does not use the Slap Chop, he does use a slap chopper (made by the lovely Oxo corporation). We went out on a mission yesterday to purchase this device, and on coming home with ingredients for dinner, proceeded to use it to chop up onions, garlic, habaneros, and something else for some burgers. So far, I am a big fan of this machine. Thanks, Brian Boitano!

NYC was fun, as always. Pictures of Citi Field, Downtown, and yes, the pig, can be found over nyeah.
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Mike South Park

Some of y'all like cars; some of y'all like babies

I figure this will take care of both.

79 Malibu Wagon

Behold! The 1979 Chevrolet Malibu Classic Station Wagon. Witness! The extensive list of [non]options!
- No a/c!
- Rear windows that did not open! Well, the small triangle window you see there by the C-pillar swung out, what do you think Chevy doesn't care?
- Roof rack!
- Yella paint job!
- Small child with broom included at no extra cost!
- Brown plastic/vinyl/that-stuff-you-stick-to interior!
- am/fm radio sans tape deck (no, there was no 8-tack in it)!

In truth, I liked that car. and looking at it, it's got some nice touches, like chrome on the bumpers, molding, and door handles. It was the first car I ever knew, being born less than a year prior to its purchase.

I started scanning some pictures of cars in my family through the years. Not too much up yet, but the set is over at my Flickr. I swore I had a picture of my '89 Jimmy on my computer, but I don't. Other than that, all my cars are up, as well as some of my father's. Maybe the next time my mother raids her boxes and boxes of photos, I'll inherit some more.

And for those of you dying for the conclusion of the music post, after much deliberation and brow-furrowing I believe Blind Melon's "No Rain" to be just about the 90siest song ever. It hits all the high points:
- One-hit wonder
- Band with problematic singer (big in the 90s)
- Cross-radio-station appeal, and a big last point,
- A very memorable, MTV-ready video

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Mike South Park

Music question

...for the two or three of you that come around.

So I was reading an article over at regarding the more obscure places some bands' names have come from. In the bit about Dexys Midnight Runners, the author described their song "Come On Eileen" as "just about the 80siest song imaginable."

So that got me thinking...what, would you say, is just about the 90siest song imaginable? And no, I don't think it was "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Speaking of the 90s, I heard a new song on the radio today by Third Eye Blind. It sounded...well, it sounded like a 3EB song, but if someone got a hold of the boards and decided to speed up the music tracks juuusst that much and the singer is trying to keep up. Other than that, spot on. Geez, between this and what's been on RAW recently, are we due for a 90s renaissance like we had with the 80s over the last few years?

God I hope not. I don't want to see what the hipster ironic fashion houses will crank out for 90s ironica.
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